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Players will learn to shoot using proper fundamentals. SPC focuses on progressional shooting development and will allow participants the opportunity to learn how to self correct, leading to development of repeatable form.

Our focus is on shooting

At the SPC, the focus is on shooting. Our Rise and Release Program© was developed with input by some of the best shooting coaches in North America with simplicity and player understanding being priorities. A cornerstone of the SPC is the use of the Shotloc Basketball Training Aid. Recognized as the only scientifically proven and the first training aid ever endorsed by the NBA, the Shotloc is the best training tool available.

The SPC has limited registration in order to maintain the most effective teaching environment. Players will receive a Shotloc Training Aid, a clinic t-shirt and expert instruction. No other Clinic will offer more guidance and real improvement than the SPC. If you are looking for the best shooting clinic experience, then look no further, the Shotloc Performance Clinic is what you want.

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Shotloc Performance Clinic

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“There has never been a basketball training tool that has done so much to improve your shooting ability.
Spread fingers, correct grip, ball out of the palm and great rotation.
Shotloc is a truly innovative product that combined with hard work will make you a better shooter.”

Dave Hopla

World Renowned Shooting Coach

This clinic was amazing. I can’t believe how much my son improved his shot
in just a few hours.

These guys know what they are talking about. They broke down shooting
mechanics in a way that was easy for my players to remember.

They did more for my daughters jump shot in a day than I could do in a month.

I am a coach who brought these guys out to my basketball club a few times.
The fact they include a Shotloc with the clinic is great. It gives my
players a chance to stop and really focus on their shooting mechanics,
which they normally wouldn’t.

Very smart coaches. Along with the Shotloc training tool it was worth the
time and money.

When is the next one! I want to keep practicing my shot with them!

I could shoot well before, but now its just automatic.

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