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The Shotloc Story
As a basketball coach I noticed that my daughter showed tremendous potential at an early age.
 As she progressed and received accolades for 
her abilities, there was one concern that I thought could stand in the way of reaching her ultimate goal of playing for an NCAA Division 1 school. She, like many other young players, struggled with correct shooting form.

Over time her shooting form issues had included:

  • Flicking her shooting hand to the side at the release, forcing the ball off the thumb
  • Pinching the ball with her thumb and fingers
  • Incorrect follow-through resulting in poor ball rotation.

I examined other players of all ages and expertise levels and saw that their coaches were having similar issues in teaching proper shooting technique.
In 1998, I attended a coaches clinic highlighted with lecture by a well known NCAA DIv. 1 coach. This would prove to a defining moment in the development of Shotloc®.
It was explained that at core of most missed shots was the position of the hand on the ball. I’ll never forget when he said, “fixing the hand” would eliminate the problems. “Fix the hand, fix the shot”.

Soon after arriving home, I decided to embark upon designing the training tool that would ‘fix the hand’.

With years of research and development which saw me test various designs and material prototypes on my daughter and other players, Finally, I ‘fixed the hand’ and Shotloc; was born.

Players now had the ability to self-correct and maintain a repeatable form during all aspects of play. To me, it’s the greatest attribute of the Shotloc.

My daughter used the Shotloc in practice and training sessions, even once during a live game. Over time her improvement was dramatic and critical to her future success. During her freshman year in high school, she accepted a scholarship to attend a top prep school in Massachusetts where she led the team to two New England Class A Championships. She was a McDonald’s All American nominee and recruited by over 35 Division 1 schools before deciding to attend Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where she was a 3 year starter and team captain in her senior year.

I’m excited to have you ‘change your game forever’ by using the Shotloc.

Robert Ffrench

Parent, Inventor, Coach