Shotloc Launches New Video Analysis for Basketball Shooting

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Introducing the first online basketball shooting coach: the Shotloc Shooting Coach

The newest innovation in shooting is finally here. Introducing the first online basketball shooting coach from Shotloc: the Shotloc Shooting Coach. Gone are the days where you need to hire an expensive basketball shooting coach. Now you can simply take a video with your smartphone or video camera and send it to us; our experienced team of shooting coaches will tell you exactly how to alter your shot and go to the next level.

Players from all over the world agree: a video shot analysis will change their basketball game. They’ve experienced the difference and now it’s your turn. “Everyone deserves a Shooting Coach,” says Robert Ffrench, CEO of Shotloc, “The Shotloc Shooting Coach is the next step in the evolution of grassroots basketball skill development for players and coaches, world over. Now you have the same opportunity to access and receive instruction from our team of professionals made up of some of the most knowledgeable shooting coaches anywhere. This is the right service at the right time for players of all ages.”

Rather than continuing to reinforce bad habits, this video analysis coaching tool takes shooting skills to the next level. With a single video and only $39.99, the Shotloc Shooting Coach provides both visual and written commentary, as well as keys to self-correction of the shooting method. Basketball players of all ages and ability ranges will now be able to effectively change their shooting form for the better with theShotloc Shooting Coach. Are you ready to change your game forever?

ABOUT SHOTLOC: Former basketball coach, Robert Ffrench, noticed his daughter showed tremendous basketball potential at an early age. However, as she progressed, Ffrench noticed that, like many other young players, his daughter struggled with correct shooting form. From incorrect follow-through to pinching the ball between her thumb and fingers to flicking her shooting hand at release, Ffrench knew that if he could “fix the hand, [he would] fix the shot.” Several years later, Shotloc was born. Players now have the ability to self-correct and maintain a repeatable form during all aspects of play, with the Shotloc tool, Shotloc Performance Clinic, and Shotloc’s newest product: the Shotloc Shooting Coach. To learn more, watch our video about the The Story of Shotloc.

Posted by on June 24, 2014

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