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  • Best #Shotloc posts March 2014

    Want to see you pic here, just tag us @shotloc or use #shotloc. Trust us we’ll find you.     Yeahboy! Haha. Just got my SHOTLOC SHOOTING TRAINER. Hahaha. Pwede ko ng gamitin bukas pang training. :)))))) — lorenz (@LorenzAdrinelle) February 2, 2014   @Deon_Wil_NPH @shotloc @NorthPoleHoops shoot on a dirty outdoor court for….

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  • The First Online Coach is Here

    Click here to get started The first online shooting coach is now here!!! All you need is a ball, a hoop, and a smartphone. All you have to do is upload your video to our site!! • The Shotloc Shooting Coach is your personal shooting coach. Don’t spend hours reinforcing bad habits. • Players from….

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    Shotloc is the only scientifically proven basketball training tool to consistently improve your shooting accuracy.

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    Shotloc Performance Clinic

    The SPC is dedicated solely to shooting and will provide players of all ages expert instruction, with the ability to self correct and develop repeatable form leading to shooting success.

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    Shotloc Shooting Coach

    Upload a video of your shooting form and one of our expert shooting consultants will send you an evaluation of your video report card providing feedback and direction to increase your shooting success.

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